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Get Discounted Listing At Full Service!!!

We also offer listing your property at total commission of 4%, instead of the typical 6%. Many discount listing companies are not very effective because they do not offer enough compensation to the other cooperating agent. They offer to place your property in all the available websites, but statistics show that most properties are sold by another cooperating agent and those agents will not show properties that does not offer them enough compensation. When we list your property for 4%, we offer the cooperating agent 2.5% and we will accept only 1.5% while still offering full service. Most discount Real Estate companies expect you to hold your own open houses and talk to the potential buyers directly. We are different as we offer full service but at a discounted price. Of course there are other caveats but we can discuss them in detail prior to signing your listing agreement.

Please give us a call at 949-486-3788 for more details.